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When the application is installed a new button "Automatic Translation" will appear next to Liferay's "Add Translation".

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When you click on the button "Automatic Translation" a new dialog will be displayed where you can select one or more languages. This dialog will show only the languages that are supported by both the azure translate API and the current Liferay configuration.



After obtaining the credentials configure them in the Control Panel:

Under Control Panel, under Configuration, select "System Settings"

Go to the Other section and click on the other icon 

  1. Select the "Automatic Translator Configuration"
  2. Provide the API key, and then click Save

Liferay Languages Configuration

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  1. Navigate to the Control Panel  Configuration.

  2. Click Instance Settings.

  3. Click Localization 

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  1. Clink in Language.
  2. Move any languages that you need to Liferay display of the Available to Current section
  3. Click Save button

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Additional Considerations


The server needs to be restarted after the change.

Code repository

The latest source code is located at the following location:

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We welcome feature/bug reports concerning the Content translator app. Discussion helps clarify the ways the app can be used and also helps define directions for future development. Please post your concerns at