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the repository will faInstallation

There are two ways to install an app to Liferay Portal: via the Control Panel on your local portal installation and through the Marketplace on


This section has the option "External Repository for Box" with different sections to configure Box, We will explain every option below.

Audit log

This section has records of box user-id assignments with Liferay users, the date is the current date of the modification, the executor is the user who made the change and receiver is the user who was assigned or removed the assignment.


Default access. Provides access only to the service account and any app users and content created by your app.

Find more information related with Enterprise and Application access in "Use Cases" section.

Box User Assignment

Checkbox Enable Automatic Assignment


Liferay Limitations

In box exists different types of roles than Liferay for every user. Box has a role called "Previewer". This role will allow to preview the content of a specific folder. However in Liferay this role does not exist. This means that if in Box are some users with previewer role this users can access from Liferay their folders but they cannot preview any file because in Liferay they do not have the necessary role.

Find below more information related with Box roles:

Sharing Content and Inviting Collaborators