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  1. Go to Configuration > Site Settings
  2. Scroll down to recicle bin option and open it.
  3. Enable/disable the Recicle Bin option as needed.
  4. If you set the option to enable then you have to configure the Trash Entry Max Age option that is a value in minutes that define the time to delete the objects inside the Recycle Bin folder.

Liferay external repository

When you create an external repository you have 2 options to delete this external repository:

  1. You have to press the action menu (the three dots beside the repository name) and select "Delete" option.
  2. For this option you have to follow the below steps:
    1. Disable the Liferay Recycle Bin option (Look at  above Liferay configuration).
    2. Check the repository that you want to delete or check the option beside to "Filter and Order" to select all the repositories.
    3. Select the delete option that appears in the menu.

Box configuration

Box also have a Trash folder that save temporarily  the deleted objects. Box have the option to enable/disable this folder and you can set the time that a object will be inside that folder. The options in days are: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 and never auto delete items.