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The Tout app can be used to promote a new service or product in a portal. The tout is presented as a Web content Article in a pop up window,  along with:

  • a "Know more" option, which redirects users to the defined URL. 
  • a "No Thanks" option, that allows users to ignore the content.
  • finally a "Remind me later" option, that displays the content again after configured number of days.

The touts are only showed if the user is signed in.


The Tout app is composed of two portlets:

  • Tout Configuration Portlet allows the management of the Touts behavior.
  • Tout Portlet, which is a static portlet that shows the configured web content.


  • Administrator can configure several touts.
  • It is possible to configured each tout to only be displayed in certain sites and pages.
  • Global configuration of a tout (to appear in all sites and pages) is also possible.
  • Administrator can display web content articles to all users in the portal, with a link to a details page.
  • When a new product/service is configured in Tout, it pushes to all users on their next visit to the specified sites and pages.
  • Similarly, when the Web content article is updated (new version), Tout pushes to all users on their next visit to the portal.
  • Users have the option to read more about the product/service by clicking "Know More".
  • Users have the option to be "Reminded later".
  • Users have the option to ignore ("No Thanks") the article and don't see it again.
  • Administrator can disable each tout, which will prevent the touts for showing up to all users.


The installation steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain Tout application from the Liferay Marketplace.
  2. Deploy the app in your existing Liferay installation. If you haven’t installed Liferay, please download and follow the instructions to do so.
  3. To enable Tout app, please proceed to Configuration section.
  4. When the application is installed, an administrator user must go to control panel and set it up. Once the Tout app is enabled, the content of the configured touts will be displayed as explained in the 'Summary' and 'Features' section.


  • Navigate to  Admin -> Control Panel
  • Select Tout under Configuration as displayed below

  • This page has the list of all the configured touts as seen below:

Each row represents a configured tout.
In the actions dropdown, there are two options: Edit and Delete.
A click on the Article name will trigger a popup containing the article details.

  • The 'Add' or 'Edit' options will redirect the administrator to the Add/Edit Tout form.

Enable: To enable the Tout select this checkbox. Remember you can always stop Tout alerts by unselecting this checkbox.
Know more URL: An absolute URL to a webpage (can be an internal or external page to the portal) with more details of the product/service.
Days before remind again: Number of days before this Tout is displayed again to the user when the "Remind me later" option is chosen. If this number is set to 0, the tout will be reminded each time the user signs in.
Sites: The sites in which the tout content will be displayed. If no sites is selected, the tout will be displayed in all sites.
Select Article: A Web content article selector to choose the article to be displayed to users.
Pages: A regular expression, used to filter the pages in which the tout will be displayed.
The pages are filtered based on their Name (specified in the page details).
If not specified, this filter will not be applied and the tout will be displayed in all pages from all the selected sites. 
The 'Check Pages' button will show the results of applying that regular expression on the pages of the selected sites. This means that it will show the pages that match the regular expression or will show an error message if there are not matching pages or if the regular expression is not valid.

Here are some examples of regular expressions used to filter the pages:

Regular Expression ValuePages Names (to be filtered)Matching Pages (result)
Matches the pages names that contain "us".
Contact us
Usually here 
Request Info 
Contact us
Usually here 

Matches the pages names that contain "guests" followed by a blank space.

Welcome Guest
Guests are welcome

Guests are welcome

Matches the pages names that start with "welcome". 
^ matches the position before the first character in the string.
Welcome Guest
Guests are welcome
Welcome Guest

Matches the pages names that end with "guest". 
$ matches right after the last character in the string.
Guests are awesome
Welcome home
Our next guest
He is the new guest

Matches the pages names that start with the word guests" or end with the word "welcome". 
If searching for several options is desired, separate the options with a vertical bar or pipe symbol |
Guests are awesome
Welcome home
We are welcome 
Guests are awesome
We are welcome 

More information about regular expressions:


Tout configuration Home Page (List of configured touts)
Add/Edit Tout Page

Select Article:

By default it will show web content articles that belong to the global site.

Select Article:

The view option will let the administrator take a quick look at the article.

Select Article:

You can see also articles from other sites by using "Select another site"

Tout Display:

The Selected web content is shown to all users in the portal.
At bottom, three buttons present the possible actions that users can take.
If user closes the window by clicking in the close icon of the popup,

it will close as if the user selected "Remind me later".

Code repository

The latest source code is located at the following location:

Contact Us

We welcome feature/bug reports concerning the Tout app. Discussion helps to clarify the ways the app can be used and also helps define directions for future development. Please post your concerns at


Change log:


New feature: Now you can have more control of where your Tout will appear: portal, site or page level.


New feature: Help page.


Company credits.
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