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Suggestion Box is an app that allows portal users to send any type of suggestion (e.g: feedback, complains, ideas, bugs in the portal, etc) then people in charge can attend these suggestions easily.



The Suggestion Box app requires of Liferay's Notifications app to be deployed first.

The installation steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain the Liferay's Notifications app from the Liferay Marketplace. (for EE users Notifications EE,  for CE users Notifications CE).
  2. Deploy the Liferay's Notifications app in your existing out of the box Liferay installation. If you haven't installed Liferay, please download and follow the instructions to do so.
  3. Obtain the Suggestion Box app from the Liferay Marketplace.
  4. Deploy the app in your Liferay installation.


  1. Assign the auto generated role: "Manager for Suggestion Box portlet" to the users who will manage all suggestions.
    • Go to Admin > Control Panel. Under Users section go to Roles and find the "Manager for Suggestion Box portlet" role, the edit the role and click the Assign Members tab to select the users with this role. You can find all available user in the Available tab. 
    • To save the associations click the Update Associations button. 
  2. Open the porlet configuration and edit the categories list.
  3. In order to create a new suggestion the user must belong to the site.
    • Go to Admin > Control Panel. Under Users section go to Users and Organizations.
    • Find and click the user you want to assign to a site. Then in the right site of the page click the Sites option that is under the User Information category.
    • Click select and chose the sites to assign.
    • Finally Save the changes.

  4. You can also configure the application to allow all authenticated users to send suggestions in any site, even if they do not belong to it:
    1. Open the Control Panel and select the Roles section
    2. Find the User role and click the "Define Permissions" action
    3. Search the "Suggestion Box" app in the filter
    4. Check the permissions as shown in the following pictures


  • Allows the portal user to send any type of suggestions:


  • Suggestion Box Managers will get notify when a user send a new suggestion.


  • Allows the portal user to edit or delete his/her suggestion before it is received by a Suggestion Box Manager.


  • Suggestion Box Managers can read, comment and receive the user suggestion.


  • Notifies the portal user when a Suggestion Box Manager receives or updates his/her suggestion and allows to view the comments the Manager wrote.


Code repository

The latest source code is located at the following location:

Contact Us

We welcome feature/bug reports concerning the Suggestion Box app and other improvements customers may want. Discussion helps clarify the ways the app can be used and also helps define directions for future development. Please post your concerns at


Change log:

New feature: Help page.


Company credits.
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