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This app allows you to add am Iframe inside a page and show any other page inside the frame.



With this app you can add an iframe to show a page any other page. You can also specify properties to the iframe, like the size and edit any other HTML attributes. Is posible made use of a set predefined variables with information about the current user and the owner of the page.



The installation steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain the Simple Iframe app from the Liferay Marketplace.
  2. Deploy the app in your existing out of the box Liferay installation. If you haven't installed Liferay, please download and follow the instructions to do so.
  3. Go to site page where you intend to add Simple Iframe app.
  4. Click “Add” and search for Simple Iframe

It is that easy to install the Simple Iframe app. The installation steps may vary depending on the Liferay version in use.



  • Show a page inside a iframe in any place. 


  • You can specify which page you want to show in the base-url field in the configuration of the app. You can use the variables indicated to change the resulting url and get info from the current user.


  • You can modify the display settings in the configuration of the app. You can change the values of the height and the width  and also edit the html attributes that are in the indicated field.


Code repository

The latest source code is located at the following location:

Known Liferay issues


Contact Us

We welcome feature/bug reports concerning the Simple Iframe app. Discussion helps clarify the ways the app can be used and also helps define directions for future development. Please post your concerns at

Change log:


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