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  • Rivet Common Portlet (RCP) for Liferay 6.2
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The Rivet Common Portlet (RCP) bundles functionality that aids in building Liferay portal sites.  It is built using all of the modern technologies Liferay uses including Java, JSP, Expression Language (JSP EL), Bootstrap, and YUI/AUI.  Below is a general list of features.
  • Custom "dynamic bean" functionality to make it easier to get data from the database to the JSP and back again.
  • A bean validation framework based on the JSR-303 spec (but less complicated).
  • Tag libraries to make simple and moderately complex forms easier to build.
  • Extendable javascript form and field "classes" that do remote validation and event handling.
  • Finder extensions that can generally replace the somewhat awkward Liferay Finders (inspired by the way Rails does it).

Building the RCP

The build scripts for RCP have been modified to build the tag library separately and deploy both the service and tag jars to your server.  Fully rebuild and deploy the portlet by running this ant command:


ant build-service build-tags clean deploy

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