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Liferay Apps Team

These apps are proudly brought to you by Rivet Logic Corporation: Find the documentation of the app you are using in one of the links below or by using the search bar:

Readiness checklist

Please check this list before submitting an app to the marketplace.

Readiness checklist

Apps migration to DXP status:

AppMigrated to DXPTest casesTested finalized on DXP 7.2Submitted to Marketplace

CSV template mailerYY

Content translatorYY

Collaborative dynamic listYYY
Skype Chat & IMYY

Scheduler Job ManagerYY

Address ValidatorYY

Birthday CalendarYY

Shared ResourcesYY

E-commerce Store ThemeYY

Tip of the dayYY

Geo Location ServicesN

Crafter Liferay CMS IntegrationN


ArmorFuel Single Page Responsive ThemeNY

Audience Targeting - Custom Field Rule


Asset Publisher Infinite Abstracts Grid


Crafter Social IntegrationN

Document and Media Tree View



Evernote OrganizerN

Form Saver


Google HangoutsNY

Google Drive Quick LinksN


HR PortalN

Jobs BoardNY

Micro-site ManagerN

Mobile People directory

NF (In Progress)

Profile SummaryNY

Quick QuestionsNY

Simple IframeN

Suggestion BoxNJ (In progress)


Voice commandsN

  • Address validatorThe Address validator plugin enables the validation of addresses entered by the user. It uses some third party services or APIs for that purpose. The initial implementation uses Google Geocoding API, but it can be extended to use different APIs. The Address validation is optional, this means users can choose not use it and they can store invalid addresses.
  • AnnouncerThe Announcer allows an administrator to configure a set of articles that will be presented to a user on visit in a modal panel. The Announcer has some intelligence built into it as to when it should reappear. The Announcer can be used for various purposes such as for announcement and orientation of new features when a user visits a site or page.
  • ArmorFuel Single Page Responsive ThemeThe ArmourFuel theme it's a single page theme with latest UI development design and modern style.
  • Asset Publisher Infinite Abstracts GridThis template make use of Liferay Application Display Template A.K.A ADT. This is a new feature introduced in Liferay 6.2. This template is implemented for the asset publisher portlet. Webcontent asset entries will be displayed as thumbnails, and provides ajax lazy loading mechanism. Similar to Facebook's wall infinite scroll effect. It requests the items using a custom javascript JSON api to retrieve the entries on each scroll when more items are needed.
  • Audience Targeting - Custom Field RuleThis rule is a plugin for the Audience Targeting app created by Liferay, it allows you to create user segments based on the values of custom fields added to the user profiles.
  • Birthday CalendarThe Birthday Calendar app shows birthdays of active users in three different views: daily, weekly and monthly. 
  • CalculatorThis is a calculator with the basic mathematical operations and memory functions.
  • Collaborative dynamic list‘Collaborative Dynamic List’ is a Liferay app that adds real-time collaboration features to Liferay’s ‘Dynamic Data List Display’ App.
  • Content translatorLiferay's localization is great feature, but it has its own limitation in web content translation support. Authors need to create web contents for different languages manually. With this app we automate that process. We make calls to an external translation service and store the translated content in the same way Liferay does. At this moment we use Yandex.Translate, which is a free API:
  • Content Translator Liferay 7.2
  • Crafter Liferay CMS IntegrationThis app integrates Liferay with the state of the art open source CMS Crafter Studio ( Crafter Studio is an award-winning web content and experience management solution that allows organizations to build and manage rich online experiences on the web, mobile, social, and all digital online channels.
  • Crafter Social IntegrationThis app integrates Liferay with the state of the art open source Crafter Social ( Crafter Social is a multi-tenant, platform independent user-generated content management system for handling all actions related to user-generated content (UGC), including the creation, updating and moderation of the content. 
  • CSV template mailer
  • Document and Media Tree ViewThis app enables a tree view for the Document Library and Web Content. The main purpose on this view is to provide authenticated users an easy way to move and organize their content using a tree structure and drag and drop feature.
  • E Commerce ThemeWith E Commerce Theme you can setup an online store in minutes. This theme is fully configurable. With it your audience will know these:
  • Elasticsearch Integration
  • EventsThe Events portlet application allows the portal users with access to create events and invite people via email. The events can be public (attendees can register themselves) or private (by invitation only).
  • Evernote OrganizerThe Evernote Organizer app allows users to review/edit/delete their existing notes or create new notes. Also allows to create new Notebooks. The app uses the official Evernote SDK for Java (which contains wrapper code) to call its Cloud API. For security reasons, the user has to authorize the app to access their Evernote account.
  • External repository for Box
  • Form SaverThis app helps to prevent losing data when the user session expires due to inactivity.
  • Geo Location ServicesThe Geo Location Services is an app that once installed offers a web service that receives an IP value and returns a two-character ISO 3166-1 country code in which that IP resides. With this app you can enable Geo IP functionalities in your apps. For example you can choose which content to show to your users based on the country they are located.
  • Google Drive Quick LinksThe Google Drive Quick Links app allows a user to maintain quick links to frequently accessed Google Drive documents directly from within Liferay. The app allows users to browse and choose documents from Google Drive to be added as Quick Links. It allows the user to open and delete such links. This application is an integration with Google Picker API.
  • Google HangoutsThe Google Hangouts app allows to start a new conversation with portal users.
  • HovercardThe hook enhances the default user display with additional user profile information in a pop up when hovering above user's avatar.
  • How to publish an app in the Liferay Marketplace
  • HR PortalAfter implementing several HR Portals for our clients over the past several years, Rivet Logic's Liferay experts used their experience and lessons learned to implement a fully functional generic HR Portal solution for the Liferay community. The portal includes much sought after features such as:
  • Jobs BoardJobs Board is an app that allows portal users to manage job opportunities and anyone viewing the portal to subscribe and apply to jobs.
  • Micro-site ManagerMicro-site Manager is an app that allows portal administrators to delegate site administration functions to other users. With these app portal users can request sites creation, and the Site Request Manager designated by the portal administrator can see and process those requests accordingly.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile People directoryPeople Directory as the name suggests is a listing of users in the portal. Its purpose is to quickly find basic user identification information.
  • Profile Summary
  • Quick QuestionsThis app allows members of a site to submit questions and answers using a very intuitive design.
  • Readiness checklist
  • Rivet Common Portlet (RCP) for Liferay 6.2
  • Scheduled job managerThe Scheduled job manager is a portlet plugin that displays all Message Listeners (Quartz Scheduler Jobs) that Liferay portal server is running. The portal admin can do some actions like execute, pause and resume these jobs or shutdown the service.
  • Shared Resources ManagerThis app allows the management of shared resources in a company. Keeping track of the current user and the people interested in using them, after the resources are released.
  • Simple Iframe
  • Skype Chat & IMThe Skype chat & IM app allows to start a new conversation/call with portal users using installed Skype software on user's machine. This portlet uses Skype API to interact with the application.
  • Suggestion BoxSuggestion Box is an app that allows portal users to send any type of suggestion (e.g: feedback, complains, ideas, bugs in the portal, etc) then people in charge can attend these suggestions easily.
  • Tip of the dayThe Tip of the Day app allows the site administrator to categorize certain content as tips that will be shown to the user on a periodic basis. The app allows the users to turn on/off the display of those tips or launch them anytime from the dockbar.
  • ToDosThis app allows you to visualize a list of things to do. For each of them you can specify a title, description and date.
  • ToutThe Tout app can be used to promote a new service or product in a portal. The tout is presented as a Web content Article in a pop up window,  along with:
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Voice commandsVoice Commands is an app that allows you to execute actions in Liferay using your voice. The portal admin can configure those voice commands. This app requires access to your computer microphone.
  • WhiteboardWhiteboard app is a collaborative real-time tool for Liferay sites, which enables users to share a discussion board where they can create sketches together. Users just need to navigate to the page where app is installed to start to see the board and interact with it.

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