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This app helps to prevent losing data when the user session expires due to inactivity.



Once the app is installed it will automatically save all data from the current page forms when the session is about to expire, and once the user logins again the data is restored.




Form Saver is a lightweight plugin, so the installation is fairly simple. The installation steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain the Form Saver app from the Liferay Marketplace.
  2. Deploy the app in your existing out of the box Liferay installation. If you haven't installed Liferay, please download and follow the instructions to do so.


  • The app works automatically for all users in any page in the portal. The form saver is triggered when Liferay displays the inactivity warning:

Incompatible Fields

This is the list of fields that can't be restored because Liferay handles the input based on events instead of a simple input element.

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Related Assets
  • Some Rich Text Editors that are rendered inside an iframe
  • Some text inputs from web contents in which the id of the element is generated randomly for each request

Code repository

The latest source code is located at the following location:

Contact Us

We welcome feature/bug reports concerning the Form Saver app. Discussion helps clarify the ways the app can be used and also helps define directions for future development. Please post your concerns at

Change Log


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