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The Evernote Organizer app allows users to review/edit/delete their existing notes or create new notes. Also allows to create new Notebooks. The app uses the official Evernote SDK for Java (which contains wrapper code) to call its Cloud APIFor security reasons, the user has to authorize the app to access their Evernote account.


  • The Evernote Organizer app renders a list of existing notebooks along with corresponding notes using the Evernote Cloud API services.
  • The app allows the user to preview the content of a Note along with options to Edit/Delete.
  • On choosing to Edit, the app will redirect the user to Evernote site which allows editions only on selected Note. Besides, the app also supports to create a simple Note/ Notebook.
  • In order to perform these actions, the app needs an access token to respective Evernote account. For security reasons the token is restricted to portlet session, in other words user has to obtain a new access token upon next visit/login. 
  • The number of Notes loaded per Notebook can be controlled by a configuration parameter as detailed below. A "load more" URL can be used to obtain further items. 



  • Obtain Evernote Organizer portlet application from the Liferay Marketplace.
  • Deploy the app in your existing Liferay installation. If you haven’t installed Liferay, please download and follow the instructions to do so.
  • Go to site page where you intend to add Evernote Organizer app.
  • Click “Add” → "Applications" and search for Evernote Organizer.


  • Authorize/Re-Authorize
    Before the portlet can do anything with the Evernote Cloud API, it needs to ask the user to authorize access to their account which internally generates an access token for the session. For security reasons, users are asked to Re-authorize upon new login. 
  • Note Preview
    The top portion of the portlet displays a hierarchy of Notebooks and associated Notes. Whereas Note preview pane allows the user to Edit the content or Delete the Note itself. 

  • Create Notebook/Note
    The bottom portion of the portlet allows the user to create a new Notebook or a Note in respective Notebook.


Notes Loaded per Notebook
    • The number of notes that will be loaded per notebook, also the same number of items are loaded when user chooses "load more" URL.
    • To update this value, Navigate to Configuration by clicking options wheel on top right corner of app.
    • Modify the value for “Notes loaded per notebook” field.
    • Click Save to persist the changes.


Configuring the Evernote API Key/Secret can be divided into two parts.



    1. A development server account is needed to generate the same, proceed to below URL:
    2. On successful creation of account in Step a, proceed to below URL and click on "GET AN API KEY"(located on top right corner) button:
    3. Complete the Organization and Account (created in Step a) details on left column appropriately, select  "Full Access" under API Permissions and License Agreement on right column and click Request Key as shown below.

    4. On successful submission of request, an email will be sent with API Key details along with instructions to activate the same. Typically, it should be activated by navigating to below URL:
    5. Click "Activate an API Key" button and fill in the form appropriately. According to Evernote documentation, the Key will be activated in no more than 2 days.

  2. When the API KEY has been activated

    1. Navigate to Liferay → Admin → Control Panel → Portal Settings → Miscellaneous → Evernote.
    2. Enter the Consumer Key and Secret on the corresponding fields and click Save.


Code repository

The latest source code is located at the following URL:

Contact Us

We welcome feature/bug reports concerning the Evernote Organizar app. Discussion helps to clarify the ways the app can be used and also helps define directions for future development. Please post your concerns at


Change log:


New feature: Help page.


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