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Alfresco Setup

  1. Login to Alfresco
  2. Navigate to “Company Home”
  3. Create the space “CONFLUENCE_ATTACHMENTS”


Installing Alfresco Web Scripts AMP

  1. Move the file “alfrescoConfluence-1.0.amp” to the directory “<alfresco_home>/amps”
  2. Shutdown Alfresco if it’s running
  3. Run the script “<alfresco_home>/” to install the AMP file.
  4. Start Alfresco


Confluence Setup

Installing the Velocity Templates

  1. Unzip “”
  2. Move the contents of the unzipped “pages” folder to “<confluence-installation-directory>/confluence-3.2-std/confluence/pages/”.

Installing the Plug-in Jar

  1. Login to Confluence
  2. Navigate to the Admin Console
  3. Click on Plugins
  4. Upload the plug-in Jar file

Properties File

  1. Download the  "" file from the CAIr downloads page. It is used to overwrite default properties values used by CAIr.
  2. Put the file Confluence bin directory "<confluence_home>/bin".
  3. Edit the file and set the value of the properties to:
    1. ALFRESCO_URL: The URL of the Alfresco instance you want to access
    2. ALFRESCO_USERNAME: The username to login to Alfresco with
    3. ALFRESCO_PASSWORD: The password for the username
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